Protecting Your Rights is Our Mission

Throughout the years we have witnessed discrimination, mistrials, and fraudulent treatment, caused by courts, government agencies and even by other attorneys. Our mission is to protect our clients from this and to make sure their rights are respected. Being trustworthy attorneys with integrity is very important to us, which is why we strive to offer the best customer service; we walk our clients through complex legal actions, and we make sure to answer all their questions.

When you hire Xavier Law Firm you hire a team that will become your family and your safe place. You hire a team that is ready to work extra hours; for your case to be attended with the utmost importance, and you hire a team with the knowledge and the determination to protect your rights.

Xavier Chávez
Lead Attorney

Our lead attorney, Xavier Vicente Chavez, is one of the most caring, intelligent, and competent people you will ever meet. You can ask him for any advice, and he will give you the very best response. He inspires his team to have the very best work ethic, to be highly proficient and responsible. Although he is always busy, he makes time to listen to each and every one of his team members and prepares them to deal with all the difficulties a law office might face.

After serving in the U.S. Navy with distinction from 1981 until 1984, he became a Real Estate Broker in California, there he helped many families find a place they could call their home. Although this career made him very happy, he strived to help people in a much bigger way, and he decided to attend law school. In 1991 he was admitted into Harvard University where he lived the happiest years of his life, learning from the very best and soaking up all the knowledge and wisdom Harvard University offered. This helped him excel not only as a student those years but most importantly as an attorney later on.

In 1994 he obtains his Juris Doctor Degree. After years of practicing law, in 2010 he decided to open a law firm in Houston Texas, and later he opened a second branch in Bellflower California.

Education: California State University, 1991. Harvard Law School, 1994.


Associate Attorneys

Xavier Law Firm is a highly professional law firm. We can depend on out associate attorneys to be transparent, smart, and committed to our success.

Stephanie Pimentel

Associate Attorney

Marissa garcia

Associate Attorney

Nelly Sanchez Estrada

Associate Attorney

Estrellita Chavez

Attorney Apprentice

Monica Duran

Office Administrator

Andres Chavez

Business Development Manager

Jennifer Najera

Office Assistant


Anabel Ramirez



Alma Rojas



Isaac Montenegro


Gerardo Ochoa

Personal Assistant

Amy Sanchez

Administrative Assistant

Isamar Hernandez

Litigation Department Supervisor

Arelys Velez

Legal Assistant 

Megan Bernal

Legal Assistant 

Stephanie Montano

Legal Assistant 

Marivel Gonzalez

Immigration Department Supervisor

Perla Ochoa

Legal Assistant 

Sandra Sosa

Legal Assistant

Jose Hernandez

Legal Assistant 

Yesenia Mendoza

Legal Assistant

Gabriela Bolanos

Legal Assistant

Stephanie Lopez

Legal Assistant 

Everardo Castro

Legal Assistant 

Montserrat Chavez

Marketing Director

Andrea Chavez

Marketing Assistant

Veronica Flores

Lead Intake Specialist

Alexandra web picture

Alexandra Anderson

Marketing Strategist

Diana Guzman

Lead Intake Specialist

Abogado de inmigración en Houston TX

The Xavier Law Firm has vast knowledge in immigration, criminal, and civil matters. Our team takes pride in the outcome of each case and because we are experts in those three fields of legal practice, we are able to help the client who hires us fully and without mishaps.

Our team is fully bilingual. We have two offices in the US in total located in Texas and California. We are open from Monday-Friday and offer payment plans that can adapt to our client’s needs. If you live in another state or it’s hard for you to come see us in person we can process your case online. Call us now to know more details.