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First and foremost, our clients deserve the highest quality of legal services. Our attorneys in Houston are devoted to securing our clients interests with every legal avenue at our disposal. Therefore, we have represented individuals and corporations, in diverse fields including for immigration, criminal defense, and real estate/business, with the highest caliber of professionalism and ethics.

Congratulations to GJ on being approved for naturalization! She was about to lose hope. But after several unsuccessful tries and substantial fees paid to other attorneys, she hired us. We helped her obtain exemptions from testing requirements and now she is delighted to have obtained United States citizenship and to have achieved the American dream!


Thank you very much Ximena, Aileen and Xavier for everything! They are very professional and sensitive to our needs. Finally I have recievd my green card and they were able to still help me travel to Argentina. After having contacting several law firms, Xavier Law Firm is THE BEST Immigration office! Thank you!


PH’s case was rejected by many attorneys because, put simply, they considered it to be hopeless. He gave us a call, and after a few days we was set free . He is now ready to get his Work Permit, driver’s licence, and Social Security number.


We represented AJ before the District Court, and we got the baseless charges against him to be withdrawn. Not long after that, we represented him before an Immigration Court and got him out on bail. He is about to get his Work Permit, and his son who is almos 21 years-old will help him legalize his status. And all of this, without him needing to leave the country.


SA has lived in the United States his entire life. His parents brought him here when he was just a baby. He was a DACA beneficiary, but ICE unfairly took that benefit away from him, and they were about to deport him. Right after they hired us, we were able to cancel his deportation, we went back to the County Court, and we demanded that his charges be withdrawn. Once our Houston immigration attorneys got his deportation cancelled, we represented him before an Immigration Court, and he was set free. We are now working on restoring his DACA status.


It was a wonderful experience because I could feel trust and friendship between the the staff and the clients. I loved the feeling of hospitality and how quickly they handled our documents, everything was very clear and organized. If we had to choose an immigration attorney once again, it would be at Xavier Law Firm.”


Our Houston Immigration attorney’s  were able to keep ICE from deporting our client, FJ. He is now back with his family and we are helping him to obtain his Work Permit, driver’s license, and Social Security.


C.V.  got married and shortly after he submitted a residence petition for her. In 7 months, C.V. work permit application was approved, in addition to her travel application. After a year from the start of their process C.V.  now has her residence card and has traveled to her home country to visit her family.


RM has recently been released from ICE detention. He was even threatened with being deported because he did not have documents. Our Immigration attorney’s helped him to be released from the County prison and now we are helping him to get a Work Permit, license, and Social Security number.


H.C.  had serious charges for which he could have been sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. Thanks to Immigration attorneys in Houston, the charges of this family man were eliminated. The district attorney accepted a change of sentence for a fine and was released from the county jail. We managed to release him from the immigration detention center and he is now applying for his work permit and very soon for his permanent residence.



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