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As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities and world, we want to take a moment to share the changes we are making in our office to support our customers and employees. In this challenging and uncertain time, our strength comes from the efforts we make to care for each other.

We are following official governmental notices and have limited the amount of people in our office. In an effort to protect the health of both our clients and our staff, we ask that only the client come in for his/her consultation. We will be checking the temperature with a contactless thermometers to all employees and clients upon entering our offices. We are sanitizing the lobby on a regular basis and have hand sanitizer and wet wipes available.We may need to make additional changes as time goes on but we will let you know.

We thank you for your understanding during this time.

SA has lived in the United States his entire life. His parents brought him here when he was just a baby. He was a DACA beneficiary, but ICE unfairly took that benefit away from him, and they were about to deport him. 

Right after they hired us, we were able to cancel his deportation, we went back to the County Court, and we demanded that his charges be withdrawn. Once we got his deportation cancelled, we represented him before an Immigration Court, and he was set free. We are now working on restoring his DACA status.

S. A.

PH’s case was rejected by many attorneys because, put simply, they considered it to be hopeless. He gave us a call, and after a few days we was set free . He is now ready to get his Work Permit, driver’s licence, and Social Security number.


It was a wonderful experience because I could feel trust and friendship between the the staff and the clients. I loved the feeling of hospitality and how quickly they handled our documents, everything was very clear and organized. If we had to choose an attorney once again, it would be at Xavier Law Firm.”


We represented AJ before the District Court, and we got the baseless charges against him to be withdrawn. Not long after that, we represented him before an Immigration Court and got him out on bail. 

He is about to get his Work Permit, and his son who is almos 21 years-old will help him legalize his status. And all of this, without him needing to leave the country.


We were able to keep ICE from deporting our client, FJ. He is now back with his family and we are helping him to obtain his Work Permit, driver’s licence, and Social Security.


RM has recently been released from ICE detention. He was even threatened with being deported because he did not have documents. We helped him to be released from the County prison and now we are helping him to get a Work Permit, licence, and Social Security number.


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