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With over 25 years of experience and thousands of cases won, Harvard attorney Xavier V. Chavez and his team protect the immigrant community in Houston and Los Angeles.

Do you have a pending immigration process? We can provide you with exceptional and quality service when it comes to immigration.

We protect our community from injustices in the criminal system , and we offer a solid and competent defense.

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Criminal Defense and Immigration Attorneys in Houston​

At Xavier Law Firm, our attorneys are here to protect you. You can count on us when you need an Immigration lawyer in Houston, TX, since we focus on Immigration matters such as DACA renewals, family petitions, citizenship, pre-cancellation of removals, etc. Not only that, we also branch out to help you in other fields of law: whether you need an Criminal Defense attorney, or a Civil Law attorney, we are here to provide you with the highly qualified and competent legal help you need. Harvard graduate, Xavier V. Chavez and associate attorney Angelica M. Gonzalez have over 20 years of experience and are well equipped to service and give back to their community.

With locations in Bellflower, California and Houston, Texas, Xavier Law Firm is available to work for any needs of our clients. Any matters involving attorneys can be life altering and our Houston attorneys at Xavier Law Firm can guide and win the cases you need help in. With our live weekly shows on Facebook, La Ley Hoy con Xavier Chávez, our attorneys give an exclusive on the daily changes that happen in California and Houston law. As our firm continues to grow, our Houston attorneys focus on each client and case to their fullest extent and will continue to help throughout the entire process. As our motto states: Our mission is to protect.

Xavier V. Chavez​

Xavier V Chavez is an excellent attorney who strives to obtain the best results for his clients and identifies with them fully. With more than 20 years of experience, and having graduated from Harvard University, he possesses the experience and acumen that make him an exceptional attorney.

With more than 20 years of experience, our Immigration attorneys in Houston, TX and Bellflower, CA, have been tackling immigration matters head on. They are determined to hear your story and to fight for your rights. As these cases are incredibly stressful and time consuming, you need an immigration attorney with enough experience and practice to help you achieve your goal.  Inexperienced attorneys can jeopardize your entire case and turn your life upside down. Our immigration attorneys continuously keep themselves up to date with the latest changes in immigration law. 

Abogado de inmigración

As members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, our  Houston Immigration attorneys take pride in providing the best legal representation possible for their community. They are backed and supported by a team of eager and professional legal assistants that are ready to assist both the attorneys and our clients at every step of the way.

Though our two principal offices are located in Houston, Texas and Bellflower, California, we are able to take on immigration matters regardless of where our clients are located. With a number of tools that assist in remote connections, we are able to communicate with our clients all over the globe as if they were sitting in our very office. Whether you are already in the U.S and seeking political asylum, or petitioning a relative to be brought overseas, the possibilities are endless here at Xavier Law Firm. 

Often, criminal and immigration matters are interconnected, prompting the need for an individual to hire an immigration attorney and a criminal defense attorney. At Xavier Law Firm, our immigration attorneys are also criminal defense attorneys. Our attorneys specialize in immigration cases that sprout from pending criminal charges. Being arrested or charged with a crime while being undocumented brings about additional legal hurdles that require experience and knowledge to deal with. Our incredible removal defense attorney Angelica M. Gonzalez is here to help our clients that find themselves in the middle of both a criminal and immigration case. Our head attorney Xavier V. Chavez is here to help the client navigate the waters in both the criminal and immigration courts keeping in mind that the court decision of one matter significantly affects the outcome of the other.

One usually looks for an attorney after being detained by immigration. At Xavier Law Firm, we offer services that can be prepared in case of an emergency. We provide document preparation services to have everything ready just in case of a sudden detention. Our pre-cancellation of removal services serve as a security blanket and adds a level of protection allowing our clients to be prepared in the moment that they might be detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE.

Our attorneys know what it is like to have uncertainty in your future. They understand how intimidating the immigration system can be for someone who has been unjustly detained. They know how stressful it is for family members to prepare petitions and gather evidence to be reunited with their loved one and secure their status in the United States. They know and they are here to help because our mission is to protect. More information.

Angelica Gonzalez

Angelica Gonzalez is a proud Texan residing in The Woodlands. After she obtained her degree in Political Science, a Master of Business Administration, and finally her JD, she decided to return to  Texas to continue with her career in law and keep on supporting her community.

We are criminal defense attorneys with offices in Texas and California. Our Texas office is in The Woodlands, north of Houston, approximately twenty minutes from the Bush Intercontinental Airport. Our California office is in the city of Bellflower, in the County of Los Angeles. Our practice is especially tailored to serve the particular needs of the immigrant community in the United States. Because of our extensive experience in the immigration and criminal defense fields, we are well situated to guide our clients through the veritable minefield which an immigrant must traverse whenever he or she has been charged with having committed a criminal offense. 

Knowing how the criminal and immigration laws interweave as well as the practical and legal immigration repercussions of pleading to any offense allows us to better counsel and more effectively represent our clients at the moment that it really counts: before a criminal charge is adjudicated and while we can still secure a more favorable resolution on the criminal case. Our criminal defense team understands the criminal defense system thoroughly, is deeply committed to vindicating your rights, and possesses abundant experience stemming from their successful defense in hundreds of criminal cases.

Abogado en Houston

Something that not just any criminal defense lawyer in Houston, TX or Bellflower, CA understands is the intrinsic relationship between a criminal case and an immigration case. Usually, an immigration benefit, e.g. a Green Card, a Naturalization process, a DACA application, will depend on having a clean criminal record. A public defender, or a lawyer that does not know much about Immigration Law will simply try to get the defendant a low sentence (along with a guilty plea), and feel that he or she has done a fantastic job; the “successful” case often leaves a criminal record that can potentially hurt the defendant’s chances of legalizing his status in the US or obtaining other Immigration benefits. Our criminal case lawyers understand issues like this because we are also an Immigration law firm, and we will get you the results you need that in your Immigration case.

Language is a huge barrier in the criminal justice system, and one that not every Criminal lawyer in Houston, TX and Bellflower, CA can fully appreciate or overcome. When a person is detained, most police officers will not explain a detainee their rights in a way in which he or she would understand. They will usually inform the person under custody of their rights, but he or she might not fully grasp the importance of knowing them or how to apply them. 

Abogado en Woodlands

This often creates many problems because law enforcement agencies tend to feel emboldened to overcharge an immigrant with a crime that does not correspond to the act for which they were put into custody, they might also coerce them into signing confessions or inculpate themselves, and they often wash their hands in the fact that there was just a communication problem. In our experience, many police officers treat the Hispanic community with such disdain because they believe we cannot legally defend ourselves. At our firm, all of our staff is fully bilingual, and our Criminal defense lawyers treat the members of our community with respect and dignity.

Many of our clients believed that their cases were simply a lost cause. We are proud to say that we have been able to free many people who were unjustly imprisoned, innocent fathers and mothers who were overcharged or charged with crimes which they did not commit. We have reopened many cases, cleaned criminal records that would not allow an Immigration case to move forward, and saved many others from the very real threat of deportation. Our criminal defense lawyers strive to attain the best results for our clients, and they do it.

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At the Xavier Law Firm, we work with our clients to help them secure effective and affordable legal service through our payment plan option.


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The Xavier Law Firm has the experience and proficiency to resolve immigration matters worldwide. With offices in both California and Texas we are licensed to provide litigation defense in both states.


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Often times language barriers cause misunderstandings. At Xavier Law Firm, we can help you in English, Spanish, French or Italian.


We have experience in handling a wide variety of civil cases. We tailor our services to your individual interests and needs. Whether you are litigating a family matter, contracts, business, or estates, we make sure you obtain the best possible results. 

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What People Say About Us

SA has lived in the United States his entire life. His parents brought him here when he was just a baby. He was a DACA beneficiary, but ICE unfairly took that benefit away from him, and they were about to deport him. With the help of XLF a cancellation of deportation was approved and is currently waiting for his DACA to be restored.
We represented AJ before the District Court, and we got the baseless charges against him to be withdrawn. Not long after that, we represented him before an Immigration Court and got him out on bail. He now has a Work Permit, and his son who is almost 21 years-old will help him legalize his status. And all of this, without him needing to leave the country.
It was a wonderful experience because I could feel trust and friendship between the the staff and the clients. I loved the feeling of hospitality and how quickly they handled our documents, everything was very clear and organized. If we had to choose an attorney once again, it would be at Xavier Law Firm.​
PH’s case was rejected by many attorneys because, put simply, they considered it to be hopeless. He gave us a call, and after a few days we was set free . He is now ready to get his Work Permit, driver’s license, and Social Security number.​
We were able to keep ICE from deporting our client, F.J. He is now back with his family and we are helping him to obtain his Work Permit, driver’s license, and Social Security.​
RM has recently been released from ICE detention. He was even threatened with being deported because he did not have documents. We helped him to be released from the County prison and now we are helping him to get a Work Permit, license, and Social Security number.​

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