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At Xavier Law Firm, our attorneys are here to protect you. You can count on us when you need an Immigration lawyer in Houston, TX, since we focus on Immigration matters such as DACA renewals, family petitions, citizenship, pre-cancellation of removals, etc. Not only that, we also branch out to help you in other fields of law: whether you need an Criminal Defense attorney, or a Civil Law attorney, we are here to provide you with the highly qualified and competent legal help you need. Harvard graduate, Xavier V. Chavez and associate attorney Angelica M. Gonzalez have over 20 years of experience and are well equipped to service and give back to their community.

Abogado de inmigración en Houston TX

With locations in Bellflower, California and Houston, Texas, Xavier Law Firm is available to work for any needs of our clients. Any matters involving attorneys can be life altering and our Houston attorneys at Xavier Law Firm can guide and win the cases you need help in. With our live weekly shows on Facebook, La Ley Hoy con Xavier Chávez, our attorneys give an exclusive on the daily changes that happen in California and Houston law. As our firm continues to grow, our Houston attorneys focus on each client and case to their fullest extent and will continue to help throughout the entire process. As our motto states: Our mission is to protect.


Do you have a pending immigration procress? We can provide you with exceptional and quality service when it comes to immigration
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We protect our community from injustice in the criminal system and we offer a solid and competent defense
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We protect our community from injustice in the criminal system and we offer a solid and competent defense
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We have experience in handling a wide variety of civil cases. We tailor our services to your individual interests and needs. Whether you are litigating a family matter, contracts, business, or estates, we make sure you obtain the best possible result
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Our clients deserve the highest quality of legal services. At Xavier Law Firm, we are devoted to securing our clients interests with every legal avenue at our disposal. We have represented individuals and corporations, in diverse fields including  for immigration, criminal defense, and real estate/business, with the highest caliber of professionalism and ethics.

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At the Xavier Law Firm, we work with our clients to help them secure effective and affordable legal service through our payment plan option.

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The Xavier Law Firm has the experience and proficiency to resolve immigration matters worldwide. With offices in both California and Texas we are licensed to provide litigation defense in both states.


Often times language barriers cause misunderstandings. At Xavier Law Firm, we can help you in English, Spanish, French or Italian.


With more that 30 years of experience, Xavier Law Frim provide our full dedication on resolving your case.

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If you or someone you know needs help with any legal procedures or if you are a victim of the Criminal Justice System, we can help you. 

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