How can I get a Green Card?

Millions of people around the world dream of living in the United States. The permanent residence card, widely known as “Green Card”, gives you the opportunity to live, work, study, do business etc. in the United States legally. However, you might need to follow quite different steps in order to obtain your permanent residence depending on your particular case. You can obtain your permanent residence if: 

  1. You have a relative who is a US resident or citizen.
  2. You secure legal employment.
  3. You have received asylum (refugee status).
  4. Deportation proceedings against you have been cancelled (cancellation of deportation).
  5. You are an ‘exceptional’ person or a person under ‘exceptional’ circumstances.
  6. You have been a victim of abuse in the United States.
  7. You are the relative of a victim of abuse in the United States. 


The well-known ‘Green Card’ is the name for the US permanent residence permit. After you have obtained it, and if you meet all the criteria, you will be eligible to become an American citizen.

Do you think you can you get your Green Card under any of the categories above? To make sure ‘if’ and ‘how’ to start with the paperwork, you will need detailed and personalized information. We strongly recommend you to get a consultation with a professional. Xavier Law Firm has the experience and expertise to deal with the entire process. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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