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We are criminal defense attorneys with offices in Texas and California. Our Texas office is in The Woodlands, north of Houston, approximately twenty minutes from the Bush Intercontinental Airport. Our California office is in the city of Bellflower, in the County of Los Angeles. Our practice is especially tailored to serve the particular needs of the immigrant community in the United States. Because of our extensive experience in the immigration and criminal defense fields, we are well situated to guide our clients through the veritable minefield which an immigrant must traverse whenever he or she has been charged with having committed a criminal offense. There are decisions in our lives that may not always bring good consequences. We are human, after all, and we are prone to err. There are other situations, however, that may be forced on us, situations in which you are truly an innocent party and a victim of prejudice. Once you understand that many states have followed an agenda of discrimination against your community, you do well in seeking the advice of a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Knowing how the criminal and immigration laws interweave as well as the practical and legal immigration repercussions of pleading to any offense allows us to better counsel and more effectively represent our clients at the moment that it really counts: before a criminal charge is adjudicated and while we can still secure a more favorable resolution on the criminal case. Our criminal defense team understands the criminal defense system thoroughly, is deeply committed to vindicating your rights, and possesses abundant experience stemming from their successful defense in hundreds of criminal cases.

Something that not just any criminal defense lawyer in Houston, TX or Bellflower, CA understands is the intrinsic relationship between a criminal case and an immigration case. Usually, an immigration benefit, e.g. a Green Card, a Naturalization process, a DACA application, will depend on having a clean criminal record. 

A public defender, or a lawyer that does not know much about Immigration Law will simply try to get the defendant a low sentence (along with a guilty plea), and feel that he or she has done a fantastic job; the “successful” case often leaves a criminal record that can potentially hurt the defendant’s chances of legalizing his status in the US or obtaining other Immigration benefits. Our criminal case lawyers understand issues like this because we are also an Immigration law firm, and we will get you the results you need that in your Immigration case.

Language is a huge barrier in the criminal justice system, and one that not every Criminal lawyer in Houston, TX and Bellflower, CA can fully appreciate or overcome. When a person is detained, most police officers will not explain a detainee their rights in a way in which he or she would understand. They will usually inform the person under custody of their rights, but he or she might not fully grasp the importance of knowing them or how to apply them.

This often creates many problems because law enforcement agencies tend to feel emboldened to overcharge an immigrant with a crime that does not correspond to the act for which they were put into custody, they might also coerce them into signing confessions or inculpate themselves, and they often wash their hands in the fact that there was just a communication problem. In our experience, many police officers treat the Hispanic community with such disdain because they believe we cannot legally defend ourselves. At our firm, all of our staff is fully bilingual, and our Criminal defense lawyers treat the members of our community with respect and dignity.

Many of our clients believed that their cases were simply a lost cause. We are proud to say that we have been able to free many people who were unjustly imprisoned, innocent fathers and mothers who were overcharged or charged with crimes which they did not commit. We have reopened many cases, cleaned criminal records that would not allow an Immigration case to move forward, and saved many others from the very real threat of deportation. Our criminal defense lawyers strive to attain the best results for our clients, and they do it.

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