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Xavier Law Firm has helped thousands of people who have been falsely accused or have been poorly represented. We know the criminal justice system and we have acquired plenty of experience helping our clients with their legal problems. You will find that the best thing to do is to find a competent criminal defence lawyer. We are criminal defence, immigration, and civil lawyers in Houston, TX, and in Southern California. 

Next, you will find a comprehensive list of different criminal law and procedure articles that we have posted on our Blog. This information will be quite useful if you are looking for information about specific charges you are facing.


Criminal Defence

If you are facing aggravated assault accusations, or worse, aggravated assault with a lethal weapon, you may feel lost and frightened.

These are serious allegations, and you should not deal with this situation on your own.  One of the first things you will need to be aware of is the situation you are are into.

As you read this article, you will better understand your charges, any potential punishments and defenses. Read more.

A conviction does not always mean the end of the road for your case, your lawyer and the judge will inform you of your legal rights to appeal the court’s decision. Filing for an appeal means that you are requesting a higher court in the judicial system to review the decision made on your case to decide whether it is fair or unfair.

A criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the laws and procedures of filing an appeal by submitting it to the Texas Court of Appeals in the jurisdiction where you underwent trial. There exist only 14 such courts in the state of Texas. Read more.

Growing a family and a successful marriage can be a challenge in today’s world. Misunderstandings and arguments here and there are common in every family. Despite this, staying in a family where you no longer feel secure can result in a serious disaster. When family members, spouses, or roommates no longer get along, it is always advisable for people to go their separate ways before things get serious.

The Texas government does not tolerate domestic violence and subjects the defendant to severe punishments. Any physical altercation between people of the same household is considered a violent act. Read more.

Different states have varying penalties against drug possession; however, Texas laws regarding controlled substances are quite severe. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been caught in possession of drugs, then your best bet is seeking an experienced defense lawyer.

Possible repercussions for drug possession, as stipulated in the Texas Controlled Substance Act, include; hefty fines, treatment for drug addiction, Driver’s license suspension, probation, or jail term. The penalties for drug possession charges vary depending on the type of drug, presence of drug paraphernalia, how the drugs were stored or concealed, or past convictions. This is why having a legal counsel who works in your best interest can get you a reduced sentence or treatment at a rehab center. Read more.

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol is a fairly common crime that many people commit even without knowing it. While it is possible to receive a DUI penalty for driving under the influence of drugs, driving while intoxicated is a term that is used especially in relation to alcohol consumption. 

There is a possibility of being arrested for driving while intoxicated even when you are detained; For example, if the police find you sitting at the wheel, with the key in the ignition, you could be arrested even if all you have done is stop at the side of the road. Read more.

Everyone at some point has made a mistake or been at the wrong place resulting in trouble. That trouble could lead to being arrested or charged, and this reflects in your criminal record. Most convictions are difficult to remove from a person’s record. However, Texas law allows individuals to remove certain information about an arrest or charge from their permanent records in certain circumstances. This is known as expungement or expunction.

Texas expungement law allows expunction of criminal records which did not lead to a finding of guilt and certain class C misdemeanors when the defendant successfully completed deferred adjudication. Read more.

Crime in Texas is classified into two categories; felony and misdemeanor charges. Felonies are usually considered more serious compared to misdemeanors. When you are arrested for class A or class B misdemeanor, your reputation and social life might be ruined. Though considered to be lesser charges, misdemeanors are still included in your criminal record hence hindering your chances of seeking employment and other life goals. The steep penalties associated with misdemeanor charges are sometimes accompanied by a prison sentence. A Texas misdemeanor attorney will be able to provide you with relevant details regarding your case.

Let’s look at some of the classes of misdemeanors while defining the examples of crimes classified under each class. The article also focuses on the options that your attorney can use to achieve a favorable outcome for the case. Read more.

Money laundering is generally, a white-collar offense that involves “cleaning” money from criminal activities and making it seem legit. The crime is usually committed by either, possessing, spending, transferring or investing cash that an individual knows it originated from cranial activities.

Money laundering charges are very serious and have the potential to ruin both your personal and professional life. This is mainly because they can result in very severe financial penalties and/or serving a long time in prison. Read more.

Kidnapping is usually an emotionally delicate situation that mostly has a permanent stigma to the offender as well as the victim. If you are facing kidnapping charges, there is a high possibility that you were acting within your right. Wading through the legal complexities of your case will require the professional help of an experienced attorney from our highly capable legal team.

According to criminal law, kidnapping is the act of taking away or transporting an individual without their consent. It also involves confining the victim or placing them under false imprisonment without the legal right to do so. Kidnapping can also entail forcing another person into a vehicle and transporting them elsewhere, or locking them in a room to prevent their escape. Read more.

Juvenile delinquency is the act of committing crime at a very young age, usually by a minor. A ‘minor’ is a person under a certain age that legally demarcates childhood from adulthood. The maximum age for the juvenile justice system in most states is 17.

People in the juvenile justice system are normally referred to as ‘juvenile offenders’ or ‘juvenile delinquents’. The overall rate of juvenile crimes has grown over the years.You will agree with me that once delinquency in juveniles has started, it is difficult to reverse. Read more.

Facing possible murder charges is terrifying and can be a very stressful situation. The penalties for murder can be quite severe, especially in Texas. You might get sentenced for life or, even worse, get the death penalty. The worst place to face homicide charges in the United States is Texas due to our harsh penalties for those convicted.

A homicide case requires the expert intervention of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has an in-depth understanding of the law. Read more.

Probation and parole are both alternatives to internment. Probation is a punishment as part of a sentence ordered by the court, to which instead of serving a jail term after conviction, the offender reports to a probation officer as per the set schedule. The offender is allowed to stay in the community on the promise of good/changed behaviour.

On the other hand, parole is the conditional release of a person from prison before the completion of your sentence term. When you are on parole, you are still under sentencing but serving it out of confinement. Any violation during parole can lead to you returning to jail. In both probation and parole, the party is supervised and is expected to follow certain guidelines. Read more.

A past criminal record can come between you and getting that perfect job position that you have applied for, or that lovely apartment that you want to move into. Even acquiring a professional license can be quite difficult. A criminal record can dramatically have a negative effect on your social life, especially since such records are usually available online.

There are numerous reasons why an individual might decide to clear their past criminal record. An experienced record clearing attorney knows the laws associated with such processes in Texas. Under the Texas law, you can request the court to seal or expunge your records so that it won’t be available to the general public. Read more.

Over the years, The state of Texas has earned the reputation of harsh rulings when it comes to sex crimes. Sex crimes allegations under the federal law and the state can be damaging to one’s reputation. Most crimes under this category are generally charged as felonies that result in a jail term of up to life imprisonment. A single conviction can shadow you for the rest of life, which is why having an aggressive defense team is crucial to your case. Read more.

Theft involves taking an asset, money, services, or any kind of property that is capable of being stolen from the owner without his or her consent. The intention is usually to deprive the owner of the item permanently. The intention of the thief might be to keep the property permanently, sell it to another person, destroy it, or abandon it in circumstances where it will not be retrieved.

In other circumstances, theft does not need to be permanent deprivation of property. Stealing something with the intention of using it for a given period then returning it later is also theft. This can be the case of stealing someone’s car to use for a short time then abandoning it in a place where the owner can find it. Read more.

Today’s world presents us with a lot of uncertainties, crime being one of them. Crime and violence is prevalent in almost every state in the United States. That is why many feel the need to protect themselves, their family and those around them. It is the right as a citizen of the United States to keep and bear arms for self-defense as stipulated in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

In Texas, a rifle with a barrel length of less than 16 inches and a shotgun with a barrel length of less than 18 inches are both considered weapons. This is in accordance with the Texas criminal code and federal law. To purchase a firearm here, you need to be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of Texas. No permit is necessary. Read more.

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